World follows Modi!!! The billionaire of Australia advises her government to follow PM Modi’s style!!!

“We need our governments to understand, despite its members usually not being from a business background, that we cannot tax our way to prosperity, and the government needs to be more financially responsible,” the Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart stated, while she praised PM Modi and asked her Australian government to follow Modi’s vision.

Narendra Modi is the one who has the ability to impress anyone through his speech and humble gestures. He is an inspiring personality as he had struggled a lot throughout his life to become what he is today. And this is indeed notable that not only the Indians but Presidents of other nations, celebrities and the business magnets are highly impressed by his governance.

Well the popularity of Narendra Modi has grown much much better than any of the Indian in global level. So here are some of the pictures which will prove that.

Modi at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

When Modi addressed a record 18,000 crowd – which also includes lawmakers and top corporate leaders at the iconic venue usually reserved for rock stars and sports – it would be the first time in American history that a foreign head of state attracted such a whopping crowd.

A sight to broaden our shoulders with pride!!

63 year old Gina Rinehart is the ninth-wealthiest female billionaire by net worth of 15.2 billion US$ in the world. She’s the chairman of “Hancock Prospecting” , a privately owned mineral exploration and extraction company founded by her father Lang Hancock.

This successful mining magnate has praised the governance of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while she was speaking at an event in Canberra to commemorate the inaugural “national agriculture and related industries day” for which she is the founder and patron. She insisted the Australian government to focus on his tax policies and the plans inducted by him in monetary terms in the benefit of the nation.

Ms. Rinehart asked Australian governments to follow the examples of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in creating a more internationally competitive environment by cutting taxes. She believes Australian government should learn from India, which is enjoying great success after cutting previously-notorious red tape under the “very dedicated” leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

Following the reduction in red tape, India was now the world’s fastest growing economy of significance, said Ms. Rinehart, who plans from 2018 to export up to 300,000 cattle a year to China after last year buying with Chinese partners the nation’s biggest pastoral company, S. Kidman & Co.

The red tape reductions in India had encouraged growth in various industries and led to more than a doubling of the country’s living standards in a short period of time, creating jobs and lifting many out of poverty, she said.

Ms. Rinehart said as an export-orientated nation, with a relatively small population, Australia’s prosperity and living standards depended on its ability to export competitively and sell goods overseas.

She also spoke about US president Donald Trump. Trump’s work in cutting government tape and company tax is making it better to do business in America, stimulating investment and creating thousands of jobs, she mentioned while she spoke about trump.

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