World wants “Made in India” Missiles! Countries across the Globe have lined up to buy BrahMos, Akash

Even though India has been among the powerful military nations of the world, it was lagging in manufacturing powerful defence equipment. But from now it won’t be the case as countries across the globe are showing special interests in purchasing missiles like BrahMos and Akash that are manufactured in India.

Defence News had reported “The government has been receiving proposals for the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos Missile from as diverse as ASEAN countries, South American nation Chile and South Africa which is a member of the BRICS Grouping. The BrahMos has been developed at a low budget of $300 million”.

The world has now eyed on the Indian missiles due to its low cost yet high performance. Yes, the Indian Government is now receiving proposals from several nations such as ASEAN countries, South American nation Chile and South Africa.

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Reports have claimed that countries like Philippines, South Korea, Algeria, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, Bulgaria are showing keen interests in acquiring BrahMos.

A senior officer from government of India said “India has never exported any weapons systems, except armaments ordnance, which is not real defence exports”. This itself makes it clear that India has made a tremendous progress in manufacturing defence missiles.

First of all India has to fulfill its own demands, even after that if it is all set to export, then it is really a matter of immense pride. The official also added “The government should have intervened to ensure the deal goes through as that would have helped India get a foothold in that country. Also, exports at this level not only boost the economy, it also gives strategic hold in the region”.

Not just in defence sector, but even in space sector Indian has made significant progress. We had seen how Indian scientists had launched foreign nation’s satellite along with our’s.

Hansika Raj