World’s Biggest Holocaust of 80 Million Hindus Massacred by Mughal Invaders! Why no Congressmen before Pranab Da mentioned it?

It was unheard of any congressman referring to the Barbaric Mughal Rule! Hence Pranab Da’s speech at RSS unravelling Mughal brutalities brought the hearts of Dynasty slaves to their mouths! The truth is that the Mughal Rule of 800 years witnessed the biggest holocaust in the World History where more than 80 Million Hindus were torturously massacred by various Sultans, Millions were converted at sword point and hundreds of millions of Hindu women were raped and turned into sex-slaves for life.

The heinous Mughal history has always been suppressed by Congress under Minority Appeasement program. The brilliant team-work of our first Education Minister Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, PM Jawaharlal Nehru and Communist Academia must be thanked for erasing all the ugly traces of Mughal brutality successfully.

Let’s elaborate further Pranab Da’s point of what Mughal Rule of 800 years did to India and Hindus. What Congress tried to shield all these decades need to reach out to all Indians in this age of Social Media.

In 6th Century, Islam started spreading through Saudi Arabia. It’s a known historical fact that Indian boundaries started shrinking as Islam started flourishing. The hunger for power and land is a consistent phenomenon of Islamist Sultans. But more important objective of their invasions was to massacre idol worshipping Hindus and establish Islam. With every shrinking of Indian map, the holocaust of Hindus was followed. Check our Indian map before the Mughal invasions!

The data below about the genocides of Hindus by Mughal Sultans will make every Hindu’s blood boil with rage.

Year Mughal  Sultan Place Massacre of Hindus Source
1001-26 Mahmud-al-Ghazni Thanesar, Haryana 50000 Hindus Mughal India ~ The Biggest Holocaust in World History


1025 Mahmud-al- Gazni Somnath, Gujarat 50000 Hindus Mughal India ~ The Biggest Holocaust in World History


1265 Sultan Gayasuddin Balban Mewar, Rajasthan 100000 Rajput Hindus The Indian Empire- W W Hunter
1303 Allauddin Khilji Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 30000 Hindus The State at War in South Asia- Pradeep Barua
1353 Pheroz Shah Tuglak Bengal 180000 Hindus Death by Government- R J Rummel
1398 Taimur Lang Delhi border 100000 Hindus Cambridge Economic history of India- Irfan Habib
1365-67 Behmani Sultan Vijaynagar, Karnataka 500000 Hindus The Cambridge History of India Vol-3 –Woseley Haig
1560 Akbar Narsimhapur 48000 Hindus The SAGE Encyclopedia of War- Paul Joseph
1568 Akbar Chittodgarh, Rajasthan 30000 Hindus The Muslim Diaspora- Everett Jenkins Jr
1738 Nadir Shah North India 300000 Hindus Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Italy, Spain- Montgomery J, Shelley
1921 Moplah Malabar, Kerala 2000+ Hindus Indian History
1946 Jinnah Kolkata, West Bengal 7 to 10 thousand  Hindus and Muslims Indian History
1946 Jinnah Noakhali , (Presently in Bangladesh) 5000 Hindus Indian History

Thus, the slaughter of millions of Hindus took place during the rule of Arab, Afghan, Turkish and Mughal rule in India. As per Indian Historian K S Lal, about 60 to 80 million people died in India between 1000 and 1525 as a result of Islamic invasions in India. In his book ‘Pakistan or the partition of India’ , Dr Ambedkar has described the Islamist strategy chalked out by the various Mughal invaders that their invasions were not for the loot or conquest, but to establish Islam and punish kafirs (Infidels- those who didn’t believe in Allah). Check the excerpts from Dr Ambedkar’s book, ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’:


We have also been kept away from the knowledge that India was the most flourishing country in the classical era of Hindu Kingdoms and had the highest GDP in the world, which was 32! After the 800 years of plunder and loot by Islamist Sultans, it came to 17 by the end of Mughal era. Colonial era of British Rule sunk the ship of Indian Economy completely by squeezing us dry of our resources.

The world will not acknowledge the Mughal genocides, atrocities and plunders in India. Our Leftist Academia will not breathe about it. Minority Appeasing politicians will fake ignorance over it. Anti-Hindu Liberals will call it a fabrication of our minds. Pseudo-Intellectuals will rant against restoring the original Hindu names of places that were captured by Sultans and were given Islamist names. But we need not worry! We have Social Media. Let’s share the ugly past of Mughals and spread it further!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi