How the world’s only Hindu nation ‘Nepal’ became a secular nation due to the conspiracy of Congress and Naxals?

India is not the only country which has been under the target of Congress since decades. The party has not spared Nepal as well. Nepal- The country which was once a part of India. The only country having the maximum amount of Hindu population which still lounges to be a part of India.

A majority of people wanted the word to be replaced by “Hindu” or “religious freedom,” according to Nepal’s Constituent Assembly.

In a major change, Nepal’s political parties have agreed to remove the word “secularism” from the new constitution. Nepal was declared a secular country in 2007 after Nepal’s hardcore Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist joined mainstream politics after a decade-long insurgency that killed over 13,000 people.

The decision ended Nepal’s century-old identity as the world’s only Hindu kingdom. Nepal has its population which is more than 90% Hindu. The country has Hindu sentiments. The country is peaceful with no record of any religious intolerance, riot etc. The minority religious groups like Muslims, Buddhists and Christians etc live peacefully with Hindus. They are allowed to practise their religion with full freedom.

So, there was no need to insert secularism in this only Hindu country of the world. Now that Nepal has become a secular state, this decision can have negative effects on Nepal. Hindu Nepal was able to maintain peace in the minority but now some encouraged bad elements from the minority will try to challenge the Hindus. Pockets of such neighbourhoods will mushroom up all over the country which will practise anti-Hindu acts/behaviours.

I respect Islam but I am putting down something that I have heard about our Muslim friends. In any country, when Muslims are in minority, they co-exist peacefully with the majority. When they grow a population at par to the majority, they start to challenge it. Misunderstandings and religious tensions crop up. After they surpass the majority and themselves become the majority, they want full control over that country and daily riots, killings, violence rule that country.

People demanded for it…

The political parties were forced to take a U-turn after millions of people, in their suggestions and feedback on the new constitution, called for the removal of the word “secularism”.

A majority of people wanted “secularism” to be replaced by “Hindu” or “religious freedom,” according to Nepal’s Constituent Assembly that is now busy studying people’s views for the new constitution.

Forced religious conversion

There were reports of forced religious conversion, including of minor U.S. citizens who had been abducted or illegally removed from the United States, or of the refusal to allow such citizens to be returned to the United States. There have been frequent reports alleging that various missionaries and foreign Christian organizations have lured poor people to change their religion by offering them jobs and money. Such charges have long been levelled against Christians in South Asia. The charges have sometimes brought tensions in societies, where the newly converted are claimed to have been brainwashed.

The continuation of Nepal as Hindu kingdom is redundant now. To emphasize one religion means to minimize others. Hindu religion doesn’t preach disrespect to other religion but teaches not to discriminate anyone on the basis of religion. If to be Hindu is a matter of pride, other religious groups or even the atheists should be equally respected. To do so, the state should not be aligned to any religion. A state should be devoid of religion. Rather, it should be directed by the politics of people’s aspirations.

Nepal has a history of people adhering to multiple faiths living in harmony. Our own lifestyles and cultural behavior define us. Thus, to be Nepali in itself is a religion. Moreover, ours is a country where a plethora of class, caste, languages working together making it one of few diverse countries in the world. Loktantra or full-fledged democracy is a system that encompasses the minorities. In Loktantra system, a state that adopts a religion hurting a minority is inconceivable.

Though Hindu religion as such doesn’t advocate caste division. But, the practitioners used it as a tool to suppress so-called lowly caste. We should condemn such discriminations that are played citing religious scriptures. The newfound secularism has sent a positive message among minorities in Nepal. But, this part of the world has shown an example of religious tolerance even in the turbulent times.

Source: https://hinduexistence.org/2015/09/14/nepal-declared-as-secular-state-majority-hindus-deny/