World’s Largest Solar Power Plant in Tamil Nadu !

Kamuthi (Ramanathapuram) in the state of Tamil Nadu has achieved a unique feet of being the world’s largest Solar Power plant. The solar power plant produces an amazing 648 Megawatt of energy, which is the largest amount of solar power to be generated from one single site. The power plant was dedicated to the nation a few days back and has been connected to the 400 kV substation of Tantransco. The world’s largest solar plant was completed in record 8 months time.

The solar power plant was constructed by Adani Green Energy, which is a part of Adani Group and focuses on power generation through renewable sources like solar energy, wind energy, etc. The total cost was Rs. 4550 crore. A statement from the company said, “The plant is set up at Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram, in Tamil Nadu with an investment of Rs 4,550 crore. It is part of the state government’s ambitious target of generating 3,000 Megawatt as per the solar energy policy unveiled by the government in 2012.”.

On the occasion of the Largest solar power plant being dedicated to the nation, Gautam Adani said, “This is a momentous occasion for Tamil Nadu as well as for the entire country. We are… happy to dedicate this plant to the nation. A plant of this magnitude reinstates the country’s ambitions of becoming one of the leading green energy producers in the world. I would like to express our deepest gratitude to chief minister and the government of Tamil Nadu.”

This is a great step towards moving to Solar Energy, which is the future. Tamil Nadu government’s vision to produce 3000 Megawatt of solar energy is an appreciable step in moving towards clean energy, and reducing our dependence on coal & fossil fuel based power generation. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been constantly trying to emphasize the need to increase power generation from solar energy. Under the leadership of India, a global Solar Alliance has been formed with its headquarters in Gurgaon. The alliance aims to promote research and upgrade technology so that more and more commercial Solar Power plants be set up and highly efficient solar cells be made accessible, so that the world shifts to clean energy, thereby countering Global warming. As per Shri Narendra Modi, Global Warming and terrorism are the two greatest problem the world is facing right now and the world must fight both the problems with equal intensity.

Various countries have welcomed PM Modi’s idea of solar alliance and shifting to cleaner sources of energy. Germany is one of the major global leaders in the field of Solar and Renewable energy sources. Germany has assured India and Indian companies all possible assistance in the field of renewable energy.

Kshitij Mohan