World’s top Cyber Security company Gemalto apoligizes to UIDAI for publishing a distorted report on Aadhaar

Few days ago one of the world’s top Cyber security company Gemalto published a report named Breach Level Index which listed the public data breaches across the globe.

The report claimed that India suffered Aadhaar data breach of 1.2 billion people and also placed Aadhaar in the list of six social media breaches which accounted for over 56 percent of the records that were compromised – the largest being the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook data breach.

Many Modi haters citing this report started jumping their guns on PM Modi Government and UIDAI. But slapping all such people hard Gemalto has now issued an apology to India’s identity database authority UIDAI for publishing the unverified report and made it clear that there was an error in the their earlier report which has been corrected and there are no traces of data breach in Aadhaar database of UIDAI.

“Gemalto profusely regrets on its Breach Level Index Report 2018 and the subsequent press release issued in India on 15th October where it has by mistake taken into account an unverified news article about alleged Aadhaar data breach.

Gemalto has updated its Breach Level Index Report 2018 and wants to make it clear that it was an error in the above said report which has been corrected and all concerned should take note of it that we have not been able to track any verified or substantiated data breach of Aadhaar database of UIDAI. As a result, Gemalto has withdrawn this alleged data from the Breach Level Index. Any inconvenience caused to UIDAI is deeply regretted,” it said in a release issued in India on 22nd October.

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Releasing its latest findings of the Breach Level Index, a global database of public data breaches, Gemalto said that 944 data breaches led to 3.2 billion data records being compromised worldwide in the first half of 2018.
“Compared to the same period in 2017, the number of lost, stolen or compromised records increased by a staggering 72 percent, though the total number of breaches slightly decreased over the same period, signaling an increase in the severity of each incident” ,said the Breach Level Index Report 2018.

It is not the first time the Aadhaar project of Government has been targeted. Various speculations such as Aadhaar data of individuals are being sold for as little as Rs 500 software, the software used by UIDAI has been hacked and millions of records have been compromised were spread. The Opposition has spread too much lies about the project breaching the security of an individual. But the claims of opposition don’t hold any significance as the Supreme Court of India too has reaffirmed the constitutional validity and importance of Aadhaar . It is nothing just the opposition’s way of diverging the people but people should understand that there is no breach and the Aadhaar data of individuals are completely secure.

Source : Times Of India