Worst attack on Hinduism; Lord Hanuman is projected as a “Homosexual” in an Indian film

The usage of obscene language against any person or religion is unacceptable. But today in the name of “creative liberty” and “free speech” a bunch of pseudo seculars are hell bent to destroy one the world’s oldest culture. Distortions are common in historical movies which are directed by the individuals who have hatred towards “ancient India”. If this deliberate act of targeting Hinduism face any protests from the Hindu community, then the film group will either tender a small apology or attack Hindus only.

The whole world condemns if any act of blasphemy is carried out by any fanatic on any religion except on Hinduism. Forget about the world, why aren’t our own people condemning the act of insulting Hindu deities? Yes, in India, Hindu faith is being targeted regularly in the worst possible way. But no outrage is seen by the Hindus accept few organisations.

Disgusting!!! Lord Hanuman projected as a “Gay”

This is what happens when Hindus are not awakened. In a film named “Ka Bodyscapes”, Hinduism is shown in the worst possible way but the entire society remains as if nothing has happened.

Prathibha, regional officer of the CBFC in Thiruvananthapuram refused to certify the public screening of the film and said that “The revising committee felt that the entire content of the Malayalam feature film Ka Bodyscapes is ridiculing, insulting and humiliating Hindu religion, in particular portraying Hindu Gods in a poor light. Derogatory words are used against women.

But as expected, the New York based director of the film, Jayan Cherian said that “Their basic attitude towards the idea of same sex love is that it’s vulgar and obscene”.

But we have few questions for him. How can he relate gay love and Lord Hanuman? Is Lord Hanuman objecting him or his men from securing homosexual rights? Firstly, he has insulted Hindu gods just to get publicity and secondly, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code says sex with persons of the same gender punishable by law.

Why Hinduism is targeted time and again?

Recently, West Bengal was set on fire after a minor boy had made derogatory remarks on a particular religion. But why isn’t any outrage when a deity which is worshipped by crores of Hindus is insulted?

Isn’t this intolerance? Why the “award wapsi” gang didn’t returned their award when there was cultural attack on Hinduism?

If the director wanted gay right than let him opt the decent method by fighting in the court. But he didn’t even bother to think of it as his primary intension was to degrade Hinduism.

The mainstream media didn’t find this film as an attack on Hinduism. This was really disheartening to see.

Why Indian pseudo seculars and liberals remained silent on this?

These so called seculars and liberals were expert in picking up a non-issue to use it as a weapon against Hinduism. But would they act the same if any other religion was targeted like how Hinduism was targeted in “Ka Bodyscapes”?

Why no discussion about this in the parliament?

Today, Senior Congress leader Mr Mallikarjun Karge was aggressively cornering the Modi government on lynching cases. But where was this aggressiveness when Lord Hanuman was projected as a homosexual? Today a bunch of politicians are smartly working in deviating the peoples’ attention.

Why Hindus are not uniting?

Hindus are facing attacks from centuries but there is no sign of awakening in the Hindu society. The attack has now reached to the extreme level that it has posed a threat to the existence of Hindu religion. To tackle all the menace against Hinduism, the only solution is that Hindus must get united. Or else it may be registered in the history books that Hindus were cowards who feared to protect their own religion.

Nishika Ram


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