Xi Jinping, the man who was defeated by India in the Doklam standoff will remain as the Chinese PM until his death! Here’s a common link between him and Rahul Gandhi

After the Doklam standoff ended, where the Indian Army’s valor and Modi government’s diplomacy got a clear victory, there were talks in China that the Chinese President Xi Jinping would not continue as the President for another term.

But the China’s parliament unanimously handed President Xi Jinping a second term today. Earlier, Chinese Communist Party had proposed changing the country’s constitution to allow Xi to remain in power beyond his scheduled departure in 2023. The proposal abolished the term limits by removing the phrase that says China’s president  “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms”.

Finally, this has been granted and the dictator Xi Jinping who is considered as the most powerful leader in the country’s history will rule till his death. “Xi received a standing ovation after winning all 2,970 votes. Only one delegate voted against Wang’s appointment, with 2,969 in favour. In 2013, Xi had received 2,952 votes, with one against and three abstentions, a 99.86 percent share”, said a report.

How will this affect the Indo-China relationship?

Since Modi government came to power, China had tough times as its rogue behavior was handled by a befitting reply. Now, it is interesting to see how will Chinese President Xi Jinping continue his approach towards India. While the political analysts have predicted China to be aggressive in both military and diplomatic ways. This claim can be supported with the recent tactics of China.

China is trapping the neighboring nations in the debt trap so that in the long run, India’s foreign relationship could be hampered with those nations. The first victim of China’s debt trap was Srilanka where it ended up surrendering one of its port. “The government of Sri Lanka completed the formal handover of the strategic port of Hambantota to China, which will take control of the facility on a 99-year lease”, said a report.

Similarities between Xi Jinping and Rahul Gandhi!

There are lot of similarities between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Even though Rahul Gandhi claims his party is a democratic party, everyone knows that other than the Gandhis, a common man cannot take over as a party president.

Xi Jinping will rule over China until his death, similarly, Rahul Gandhi will be his party supremo until his death. Not just that, there is a good rapport between Rahul Gandhi and the Chinese President Xi Zinping. When the Indian soldiers were having a standoff with the Chinese soldiers, Rahul Gandhi secretly met the Chinese and conspired against the Indian government.

Due to the greed of few, Chinese people will be suffering!

  • An Emperor is born in China. Remember it’s not only Xi Jinping’s fault but many of the people around him who are too eager for a share of power and money. And for that, they have sacrificed all of the Chinese people and their soul.

Afghanistan President said “I sincerely congratulate your Excellency Mr Xi Jinping on your re-election as the President of the People’s Republic of China. I pray for your Excellency’s health and success and the people of the People’s Republic of China’s prosperity and felicity”.

Hansika Raj