Yes, Col. Purohit was fixed in fake Hindu Terror plot, secret file about Col. Srikanth Purohit hid by the Congress government out after 10 years!

Col. Srikanth Purohit has underwent that humiliation and torture that no army men should ever go. An upright officer who was working for the Intelligence Wing was fixed in a fake terror plot by those shameless politicians who were being exposed by Srikanth Purohit.

Srikanth Purohit was arrested in the year 2008, just 15 days before the 26/11 attack took place in Mumbai. The entire country was shaken by the worst terror attack. Purohit was accused to be involved in the Malegaon blast and was arrested by the Mumbai ATS. The surprisingly part here is when Col. Purohit was arrested, there was no warrant against him, there was no proof and no FIR filed. But Col Srikanth Purohit was arrested on instruction of an officer called Col. R K Srivastav who trapped in an airport with false information.

The Mumbai ATS along with CBI claimed that Col. Purohit had RDX in his house and was responsible for planting bombs in the Malegaon blast. He was accused of having links with Abhinav Bharat, an organisation which teaches the values of Nationalism and patriotism and said there was a Hindu terror angle in the case. The Congress coined a new term called the Hindu terror which never existed and arrested many people like Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemananada in different cases quoting Saffron Terror.

Col.Purohit was tortured in jail by R K Srivastav and many other ATS officers who wanted him to name RSS and BJP for the Malegaon blast (This statement was confirmed by Col. Purohit himself after he was granted bail last year). Col. Purohit was basically working for the Army intelligence wing where he was assigned the task of collecting secret information pertaining to terror modules in India. He was a master in counter-terrorism acts, information gathering, decoding terror networks and infiltration bids. It is said that Purohit had infiltrated the SIMI terror network and was successful in identifying the illegal money trail through Pakistan, Nepal to India. He had unearthed shocking information about the involvement of many top leaders from Congress in supplying black money to Kashmir violence. He had also gathered information about the plausible attack on Mumbai just days before he was arrested in October 2008.

When the ATS arrested Purohit, it claimed that he was working for terror agencies and had contacts with Anti National agencies in and outside India. But this was nothing but a fake story planted by then Congress government. The Army very well knew that Purohit was working on infiltrating the terror module and had provided a testimonial for his work and capabilities. This letter was deliberately kept hidden for nearly 9 years by the UPA government which never wanted the truth to come out.

On the day when Lt Colonel Srikant Purohit got an interim relief from the Supreme Court, the Republic TV has got access to the secret documents which is a solid proof to show how Congress government under Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi fixed Col. Purohit in the fake Hindu terror story.

A confidential document dated April 2, 2018, proves that Lt Col Purohit was on an official military duty, gathering sensitive military intelligence information when he was picked up in October 2008. The secret Army file number A/31687/PUROHIT/MI-9 written from Directorate General of Military Intelligence has been accessed for the first time in years. The letter, which was written in response to Detachment 3, Southern Command Liaison Unit’s application in December 2017 and was sent to the Chief of Army Staff, makes references to the communication under the Congress government.

The Directorate General of Military Intelligence, in point 2 of this letter, refers to Rakesh Maria, the then ATS chief’s query in March 2011 asking the army for details pertaining to inputs, letters shared or written by the army regarding meetings and terrorist-related incidents in the case involving Lt Col Purohit. The Directorate General of the Military Intelligence had very surprisingly gave an incomplete information regarding the work assigned to Col. Purohit from the Army and without a consequent response from other Army offices.

The response said that there was ‘no input available with the office regarding any official communication pertaining to any terrorist related inputs or information about meetings’ in the case of Lt Colonel Purohit.

This particular letter was used by the Congress to target Col. Purohit and he was framed in the fake Hindu terror story. But the Congress conveniently hid the letter by The Directorate General of Military Intelligence who wrote to concerned army offices for more information on the matter, but the Congress government chose not to follow up.

In reply to the Director General of the Military Intelligence, many army officers had replied that ‘Lt Colonel Purohit’s superiors at the appropriate level were informed of the inputs provided by the source’. However, the Congress never revealed the source or the fact that Sudhakar Chaturvedi, who was named an accused in the case, was actually a ‘source’ who worked for the Army.

Point 3 A of the document reveals that the UPA government had access to this documented evidence on Sudhakar Chaturvedi. The confidential Army document gets into detail about a report received in January 2008, 10 months before the arrest of Lt Col Purohit. The report said that ‘One of the sources was Mr Sudhakar Chaturvedi’ who was introduced as an active source. The report adds that Chaturvedi, named an accused under Congress was actually ‘providing details on political and religious activities in the area of responsibility’. All of this is documented in the Army letter sent by the DDGMI this month.

Sudhakar Chaturvedi who was also granted bail in 2017 said, “Several backstabbers have infiltrated our police and military system. They are scheming to plot against our Army men. They are unaware of the consequences. We suffered in jail for 9 years. We faced a lot of turmoil but how can we compensate for the damage our religion faced because of the term Hindu terror? For 9 years no head of department was aware of the facts. Now truth has emerged (unclear) in 2008, a letter was written by the Additional CP of ATS to the Head of Commandant, asking if Lt. Col Purohit had a source,” said Chaturvedi.

So, the entire documents reveal that Col. Purohit was collecting very sensitive information regarding the terror operatives in India which Congress was not happy about and desperately wanted to stop him. Therefore he was deliberately targeted by the Congress government which wanted to prevent the names of top leaders getting exposed by Col. Purohit.

It is sad that the entire country let these shameless politicians humiliate and question an upright-honest soldier and degraded the Indian army in their dirty games. Col. Purohit lost 10 years of his life and the country lost 10 years of valuable service of Purohit. It is well known that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were the ones who targeted Hindus and said that Hindus were more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. These people literally jeopardized the National security and gave free hand to anti Nationals and terror elements.

No other country would have betrayed an honest soldier like our country did! Col. Purohit will get justice the day those crooks who framed him will land in jail.

Who really is Lt. Col Purohit? What secrets did he know that made Congress desperately put him in jail?

Lt Col Purohit pointed out at India’s Powerful Politician for having terror links; It will shock you when you know this politician’s name

Source: http://www.republicworld.com/india-news/general-news/republic-tv-exposes-chilling-proof-that-congress-fixed-lt-col-purohit-in-malegaon-blast-case

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