‘Yes, separate religion tag for Lingayats was to separate Lingayats from Hindus’ slain writer Kalburgi’s family accepts truth!

Amid major controversy pertaining to Lingayat separate religion tag, the slain writer Kalburgi’s family has now conceded that the idea was to separate Lingayats from Hindus. Kalburgi was killed by miscreants 2 years back whose case is still not solved by police and Siddaramaiah government.

A month back, the Siddaramaiah government passed an order seeking separate religion tag for Lingayats which irked all Lingayats in the state and questioned the ulterior motives of Congress government to divide the Hindus. The whole plan was to separate Lingayats and prevent Hindu galvanization towards BJP in the upcoming Karnataka elections.

Lingayats who follow Basaveshwara’s preaching, worship Lord Shiva as their primary God. So, the big question was how did the Congress decide that Lingayats were not Hindus? Lord Baseveshwara who was 12th-century reformer, fought against inequality, caste division and women rights, the dignity of labour and democracy centuries before even people could understand the concept of Democracy. He wanted all Hindus to be united and asked people to respect one another. At no point of time did Lord Basaveshwar demand that Lingayats be called separate religion as the prime God they worshipped was Lord Shiva himself.

But a sinister plan was launched since the time of  British who were very well known for their divisive tactics. The whole idea of separating Lingayats was started by a man called Channappa Uttangi who was a Kannada poet. This man along with British tried to spread the message of Jesus in most of the Hindu dominated cities. He started to write books in which he said Lingayat God was different from Hindus.. With an ill intention to misguide people, he misinterpreted facts and called Lingayat a separate religion.


This same ideology was picked by Congress which was since before indulged in appeasement politics of Minorities. M M Kalburgi who was known for his hatred towards Hindus was the follower of this same man Channappa Uttangi. These people had taken the help of a Southern Baptist Church and Joshua Missionary which was involved in converting Lingayats in North and South regions of Karnataka. They had even presented people with Bible and the Uttangi’s book Lingayatism and Christianity. Kalburgi had even claimed that Lingayats do not believe in external God which was nothing but a complete farce.

The Siddaramaiah government which faced massive outrage for calling Lingayats Hindus, made a BIG U-Turn saying proposal was only to give minority status and not separate Lingayats from Hinduism. But now, the Kalburgi family have themselves agreed that the idea was to separate Lingayats from Hinduism.

The wife of Kalburgi has given a statement to Times of India saying that Kalburgi wanted Lingayats to be separated from Hinduism. This one statement is sufficient to show what was the motive behind Siddaramaiah’s government proposal for seeking separate religion tag to Lingayats. This is exactly why people like Kalburgi supported Congress and the so called secular parties whose main intention was to break Hindus and disintegrate the religion in India gradually.

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