Yesterday was there really an attempt to kill Rahul Gandhi while he was travelling in the flight? Here’s the truth

Which once seemed impossible has happened in the arena of Indian politics. Yes, the Congress party is claiming that there is a conspiracy hatched to kill the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, yesterday, when the special flight that took off from Delhi around 9.20 am developed “unexplained technical failures” around 10.45 am.

Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to visit Hubli as part of the ongoing campaign in the Karnataka assembly elections when his aircraft faced technical glitches. So, is it true that there was a conspiracy hatched to kill Rahul Gandhi ahead of the Karnataka elections?

The Congress claimed it an conspiracy and lodged a complaint!

  • “At around 10:45 am, the aircraft suddenly tilted heavily on the left side and the altitude dipped steeply, combined with violent shuddering of the aircraft body… The weather outside was sunny, normal and not windy… A clanking noise was clearly audible from one side of the plane throughout the shuddering of the aircraft body. It was also learnt that the autopilot of the aircraft was not functioning”.

This was mentioned in the complaint which was addressed to Karnataka Director General and Inspector General of Police Neelmani N Raju. Congress filed an FIR against the pilots and demanded that the matter is probed at the highest priority and also said that there was “intentional tampering”.

The Congress party uploaded the complaint letter on its twitter handle!

Was there an attempt to kill Rahul Gandhi? Here’s what the authorities said!

After the statement was given out by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), all the suspicions around Rahul Gandhi’s alleged flight tampering vanished. The DGCA said that “It was snag of autopilot mode and pilot shifted to manual mode and landed safely. Such autopilot incidents are not uncommon”. DGCA also said that it examines all the issues in details and will do the same in this case also. DGCA cleared that such incidents are common, so why the Congress is using the incident to score a political point?

Times Now even reported that, New twist to Rahul Gandhi’s air scare controversy, Hubli Airport Director springs a surprise. Airport Director says “No incident reported to me, confusion built over status of Rahul Gandhi’s air scare complaint”. So the genuineness of the claims made by Rahul Gandhi’s team is under serious question.

By this, Congress party’s attempt to capitalize on the flight malfunction by giving it a so-called conspiracy twist failed miserably. However, the party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tried to “spin and twist” the incident as he said “What happened to Rahul Gandhi’s plane is a serious case of aviation mechanics failure. The Congress party demands that it be seriously investigated. A complaint letter has been written to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to look at all aspects of the matter, including that of possible foul play”.

He even tried to market Rahul Gandhi by saying “At one point, the plane had tilted to one side, as the auto pilot mode had failed. However, throughout this time, Rahul remained calm and composed, and kept assuring his co-passengers that they would all safely land in Hubli”.

If we look back, we can find similar incidents that were far more serious than what had happened with Rahul Gandhi yesterday. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had faced emergency situation while he was in flight for 5 times.

There was chances that he would have had even lost his life,  but he never cried over it. Rahul Gandhi needs to learn a lesson or so from Mr Fadnavis instead of creating panic at the time of election in order to mislead the public and garner votes.

Hansika Raj