Yet another claim of Congress party turns out to be fake! Congress never demanded the live telecast of the proceedings of the floor test

The Dynasty family badly wants to win 2019 elections to secure themselves from jail. As they are out on bail now. Also, this struggle in Karnataka is mandatory for their survival in future. Congress and JDS are trying their level best in order beat BJP at any cost.

Congress had first lowered the dignity of the Supreme Court judges and now they have lowered the status of the Top Court in India- Supreme Court. Another petition filed for challenging the appointment of pro-tem speaker was also rejected this morning. This was another sweet slap on the face of Congress. Since Congress and JDS leaders are treating their MLA’s as livestock, therefore, these animals carry their own price tag when sold in the market.

Today morning, on hearing the Congress- JDS combined plea challenging the appointment of pro-tem speaker KG Bopaiah: Supreme Court said ‘Live broadcast of floor test would be the best way to ensure transparency of proceedings.’ Now the news is confirmed that this statement was not made by any representative of Congress!

The statement confirming live telecast of the proceedings of #KaranatakaFloorTest was made by Tushar Mehta, Additional Solicitor General and not demanded by those representing Congress… Yet another Congress propaganda turns out to be fake.

Congress and JDS MLA’s held in captivity at Hyderabad are made to sign “Loyalty Affidavits” in favour of Vatican Queen Sonia Maino and poor farmer H D Deve Gowda respectively. Congress had dreamt of winning in Karnataka but sadly this dream will remain unfulfilled. They land defeated. Congress then wanted to stay the swearing-in of Yeddyurappa. They land defeated. Congress then wanted to overturn the searing-in. Again land defeated. Congress then wanted to overturn the searing-in of pro-tem speaker. Poor Congress defeated again.

JDS MLA’s from old Mysore region are unhappy with their party forming a new Government with the Congress, the same very party that they defeated in elections. More than horse-trading, it’s looks like disagreement within JDS and Congress that has surprisingly worked in BJP’s favour! Let’s wait and watch now.