Five Times When Yogi Adityanath Proved That His Style Of Tackling A Problem Is Unique!

5 times when Yogi adityanath proved he is a unique politician.

Utter Pradesh earlier known for higher crime rates and the apparent Goonda Raj has now come to terms with it. With corruption on the rise and no development, majority of the people voted in favour of BJP for witnessing a change in 2017.

Just 3 years to the BJP led UP government, it is evident that Yogi Adityanath has brought in a lineage of developmental works. Here are the reasons listed which proves that UP is leading on the forefront in every aspect.

1.Anti-CAA protest: Protesters vandalized public properties in Delhi, Lucknow and other places on the outset of anti-CAA protest. This didn’t go well with Yogi Adityanath. He ordered the police department to attach the properties of those accused of vandalism forcing them to pay for the damage made. Here is the timeline of incidents that happened.

Mar 5: Hoardings of anti-CAA protesters were put up to name and shame them.

Mar 9: High Court suspended the imposition of the hoardings to which government moved to Supreme Court.

Mar 12: Supreme Court questioned on whether there is such law to attach properties to pay for the vandalism.

Mar 13: UP governmentt brings ordinance to recover dues from protesters.

2.UPCOCA: UP government passed the UPCOCA

(Uttar Pradesh Control of Organized Crimes Act) which is an attempt to curb crime rate. The law passed will make sure that the convict will be jailed for 7 years with fine of 15 to 25 lakhs.It is brought into effect for illegal mining, cow smuggling, human trafficking, drug peddling.

3.Crack down on corruption: As of 2019, the Yogi led UP government acted against 600 corrupt officials forcing 200 of them to retire. It was first of such an action to crack down against corruption.

4.Anti-Romeo squad: It was created to ensure the safety of college going girls. It also meant to curb eve-teasing. The police force (dressed in normal clothes) were deployed in the area around schools, colleges, shopping malls where there were large number of woman. This impacted in lodging 2481 FIR’s, action against 4392 and 15,69,145 being warned.

5.Strict action against crime rate: To curb crime rates, police department was given free hand to deal with the criminals even to extent of neutralizing them. Such brave step made way to a steep low in the crime rate.

These are few of the initiatives taken up by Yogi Adityanath to maintain law and order bringing in drastic changes and a new dawn in Indian politics.

Anagha Mahishi


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