Yogi Adityanath 10 significant decision in 100 days!

The decision to make Yogi Adityanath the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was probably the most surprising of political moves witnessed for a long period. It drew heavy criticism from the media and left-leaning intellectuals simply because they couldn’t tolerate a staunch Hindu like Yogi ruling a state with a significant Muslim population.

The other preconceived notion that the critics had was that because Yogi Adityanath wears saffron, he can’t lead the state on the path of development. But in just 100 days, Yogi Adityanath has shut a lot of mouths with his work and forward-thinking. Here are his ten top decisions so far –

  • Paan ban: He ordered a ban on paan masala and gutkha consumption in government offices, schools and hospitals. The filth in government offices was revolting, yet no previous governments cared to take action.
  • Illegal slaughterhouses: He initiated a crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses, meat shops and cow smuggling. The move was highly distorted by the media as being anti-Muslim, but all he did was take action against illegal
  • Anti-Romeo Squads: As promised, he set up the ‘Anti Romeo Squads’ across the state to stop eve-teasing and harassment of women. College girls have especially been victims of eve-teasing in the state.
  • Asset declaration: Yogi Adityanath had ordered all his ministers to declare their income, movable and immovable properties within 15 days. The declarations were asked to be submitted to the chief minister’s secretariat.
  • Oath of cleanliness: Yogi Adityanath administered the oath of cleanliness and honesty to all his ministers. He has fixed Friday as the day when the state staff must tidy up work spaces.
  • Metro: He announced Metro train projects for Gorakhpur and Jhansi.
  • Loan waiver: Farm loans up to Rs 1 lakh each of small and marginal farmers were waived.
  • Road repair: Yogi Adityanath set a deadline of June 15 to make all UP roads pothole-free.
  • Hard working establishment: He bluntly told his officers that those who cannot work for 18-20 hours were free to leave.
  • Electricity supply: He has worked hard to provide more consistent power supply to the people. In places such as Meerut, people are already experiencing significant improvement in power supply.

Vinayak Jain