Yogi Adityanath finally implements the toughest law ever!!! Death penalty and life imprisonment for those dealing in illicit liquor

Each day there emerges a new law by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Headed by the NDA Government and the guidance of PM Modi, the UP Chief Minister leaves no stone unturned to teach value education lessons to criminals in his state. Here’s Yogi Government on its next mission. The Uttar Pradesh Government passed a bill providing death penalty and life imprisonment for those dealing in illicit liquor. Great move by CM Yogi Government is taking India one step closer to Stone Age days.

At least three people died and two are under treatment after they allegedly consumed spurious liquor in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. The incident that took place in the Khora area of Ghaziabad came to light on Tuesday morning.

An investigation on the matter is underway. Earlier in January, nine people died after allegedly consuming poisonous alcohol at their relative’s place in Barabanki. The Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government had passed a bill providing death penalty and life imprisonment for those dealing in illicit liquor. The bill was even approved by Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik.

Yogi Adityanath’s encounter effect: History-sheeters reform their lives for good

 The change of mind, according to police, is because of the aggressive policies (of encounter) adopted by them after the formation of the Yogi government last year.

Ever since Yogi took charge in March last year, over 40 criminals have been shot dead in more than 1,100 encounters. Over 2,770 have been arrested, 260 injured, four cops have been killed and 277 men in uniform injured.

“The idea was simple: sudhar jao ya upar jao (mend your ways or be ready to die). We had a simple offer. Leave crime and choose better and viable options to earn a livelihood. We are there for assistance and in return you get to live fearless and dignified lives,” Meerut SP (City), Man Singh Chauhan told.

“Criminal cases are pending against some for over 20 years. Some are serious cases, some petty and likewise. The crux of the story is that due to these long pending cases, they were not able to live a settled life. The fear of law and social dilemma of having no option to earn a living but continuing criminal activities was also a major hitch,” Chauhan explained. Police, thus, sent a message, through media and other sources, offering help to return to the mainstream.

“Initially, 16 of them approached us and after monitoring their activities for over two months, we sent them invitation for personal meeting,” he added. A few days ago, a facilitation programme was held at Lisadi Gate police station and the criminals were offered sweets and fruits with a pledge not to return to their dubious past.

“They will be on our radar in future too. Besides, we have also promised them all possible help to wind off pending cases so that their names are erased from our records,” Chauhan added.

Producing fake alcohol is being seen as a way of making money and it can be bought cheaply. However it’s a big problem because of the risks it poses to people’s health, it can cause anything from nausea to blindness and even death.

What is fake alcohol?

Fake or illegally produced alcohol is alcohol that is produced in unlicensed distilleries or people’s homes and intended for sale. It is illegal to distill and sell alcohol to the public in the UK without a license from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The sale of illegal alcohol costs around crores of rupees per year. It is believed to be the biggest mafia’s in India. Much of the fake or illegally produced alcohol contains potentially dangerous chemicals.

Health risks from fake alcohol

Properly produced and certified alcoholic drinks are made with ethanol – alcohol that’s safe to drink in moderation. But fake alcoholic drinks can be produced using other cheaper types of alcohol which can have serious adverse effects on your health.

Drinkaware’s Chief Medical Advisor Professor Paul Wallace explains: “Commonly used substitutes for ethanol include chemicals used in cleaning fluids, nail polish remover and automobile screen wash, as well as methanol and isopropanol which are used in antifreeze and some fuels. These other types of alcohol can produce similar effects to ethanol in terms of making you feel tipsy. But they are also potentially very dangerous.”

Drinking alcohol containing these chemicals can cause nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness and dizziness. It can also lead to kidney or liver problems and even coma. Methanol, a substance which can be used in fake vodka, may cause permanent blindness.

Source: Republic World