You have 48 hours! Election Commission issues notice to Rahul Gandhi for saying “Modi made law which allows shooting down tribals”

The only problem in BJP was that it wasn’t tackling the lies of Rahul Gandhi legally. Even though Rahul Gandhi is a habitual liar, he got more courage when BJP didn’t take any legal actions on him for his series of lies on Rafale deal.

But now it is not the case as BJP has decided to let the court decide, instead of arguing with Rahul Gandhi. Days the saffron party had dragged him to court for making derogatory remark PM Modi and attributing it to the Supreme Court.

Recently Rahul Gandhi had said “Ab Narendra Modi ne naya kanoon banaya hai. Adivasiyon ke liye naya kanoon banaya hai, usmein ek line likhi hai ki adivasiyon ko goli se maara jaa sakta hai. Kanoon mein likha hai ki adivasiyon par akraman hoga, aapki zameen chhinte hai, jungle lete hai, jal lete hai aur phir kehte hai ki adivasiyon ko goli maar di jaa sakti hai”.

English translation: Now Narendra Modi has brought in a new law. New law for Adivasis has a line which states that Adivasis could be shot at. In the law, it is written, Adivasis could be attacked, they snatch away your land, your jungle, water and then say that adivasis could also be shot at.

Who on earth will implement such a cruel law? But Rahul Gandhi’s creative mind invented such a lie just to create fear in the minds of Adivasis for election purpose. Now this lie of Rahul Gandhi has put him in trouble as the Election Commission (EC) issued a notice to him.

The Election Commission stated that the statement of Rahul Gandhi was a violation of model code if conduct and he must answer to it with 48 hours. If the Congress chief doesn’t respond, then the election Commission will take action against him.

The notice of the Election Commission stated “the video clip and transcript of the speech made by Shri Rahul Gandhi on 23.04.2019 at Shahdol have been examined in the Commission and the statement found to be in violation of the provisions contained in Para (2) of Part (1) of ‘General Conduct’ of Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates”.