You will be shocked to know the number of deadly train accidents that were “planned” last month

The shocking revelation by the Railway Ministry has blown the lid off the sinister plans being hatched all across the country to cause deadly railway accidents. Indian Railways has said that at least 45 attempts of rail track sabotage were made during 2016 and has beefed up security all across the railway network to foil such accidents. Indian Railways said that it has started to work ’round the clock’ to avoid any untoward incidents. Mohammad Jamshed (Member Traffic in the Railway Board)  told reporters, “From January 2016 to December 2016 there were at least 45 cases of alleged sabotage with the railway tracks. There were seven cases of explosion of tracks, three cases of track tampering, 18 cases of extremist activities, 13 cases of recoveries of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) along the railway tracks.

However, what is more shocking is there have been 18 attempts of sabotage in just 40 days of this year (2017), which is a matter of grave concern. Among the forty-five attempted cases of sabotage, a few of them would have been extremely deadly if the attempt would not have been foiled on time. In the first week of October, a very powerful bomb was placed on track near Raxaul in Bihar, which was detected by the patrolling party and defused before a major accident could happen. Towards the end of 2016, another major attempt of cutting the tracks and removing the clips in India’s busiest Kanpur – New Delhi section was found out by railway officials, thereby averting a major accident which could have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Referring to the attempted sabotages in Raxaul and the one near Mumbai (where 15 feet rail was placed on the tracks), Jamshed said, “The railway employees tracked the attempted sabotage on time in Hajipur and Mumbai division, and the railways has asked all its supervisors to monitor the tracks properly.”

The recent arrests in Nepal and Bihar exposed the dirty game of Pakistan’s ISI planning railway accidents all across the country to cripple the system and inflict maximum damage. The arrest of the mastermind who funded and planned various acts of sabotage will throw more light. Apart from the ISI, a few cases of sabotages have also been attempted by the naxalites. Railways is facing combined threat from external and internal enemies of the country, who plan to kill innocent citizens by the sabotages. National Investigation Agency has already started probe in all the cases of derailments in last few months and the investigation report is expected.

Kshitij Mohan