You will salute these NCC cadets after knowing why they angrily returned from the Congress party’s event on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday!

Is Congress President Rahul Gandhi a popular leader? Well, I don’t think so, Because if it would be the case then Congress leaders have not resorted to illegal and wrongful means for gathering a crowd in his rallies, or in an event organized for the Congress President. It’s really sad for the Congress party that to increase the popularity of their chief they have to tell lies and lure people with the benefits.

This time Congress leaders stooped such low that in order to bring NCC cadets to the event on the occasion of birthday of Congress chief they lied. Congress National president Rahul Gandhi’s birthday was on Tuesday (June 19th). Congress party in Madhya Pradesh, had decided to celebrate the day as “Sadbhavana Diwas” in the state. In Jabalpur district, Congress organized race programme too. The event was termed as “Race for RG” to make the birthday of the national president Rahul Gandhi a memorable one. The program was scheduled to start from 9 a.m. onwards. Malviya Chowk was considered as the starting point in the area. NCC cadets were invited to take part in the race. Two Madhya Pradesh women battalions of NCC to mobilize the crowd was also invited by Congress leaders.

But then something strange happened at the event. The race was about to begin when the former MLA Lakhan Ghanghoriya came to the stage. He started criticizing the Modi Government from the forum itself. Ghangoriya fiercely criticized Modi Government for inflation, corruption and crimes against women. Suddenly, all the NCC cadets stood up and went back to their buses without even running for the race.

The Congress leaders got nervous as to what has happened, why the cadets went in between like this. They tried very hard to convince the NCC cadets, but no cadets came back. The actual reasons why cadets has behaved like this is not known. Some are stating that the former Congress MLA started criticizing PM Narendra Modi and his Government, due to which the cadets got angry and boycotted the program while others are stating the reason was that NCC cadets do not participate in any political program.

Youth Congress leader  Shashank Dubey defying their party said, “NCC cadets have not returned due to speaking against PM. They were called from 9 am to 11 am in the morning. The program began late because of some reason. It’s because of this reason that the cadets got angry. He further said this was  National President’s birthday program. We have to criticize the policies of the central government here regarding rising inflation, corruption and crime against women in the country.

However, the Colonel and NCC Cadets have said that they were called by telling lie. So they didn’t participate in the event. An NCC official said “Shriram Engineering College has 2 MP Female Battalion’s NCC Camp. There are about 500 NCC cadets in this camp. Congress leader contacted the officials on the phone. He said that the race is being organized for the environmental concerns and if NCC cadets would join then it would convey a good message. The officials without examining, trusted the  Congress leader and had ordered the cadets to go. The Congress leaders sent the bus for NCC Cadets to come to the venue. But when the cadets came here they came to know the program is not for environmental concerns as claimed by the Congress leader but is a political event.

Colonel VK Chauhan, Commandant of 2 Mb battalion also said, “The organizers had informed that the rally was organized for the environmental. The cadets were sent for this reason. As soon as they reached the spot and came to know that it is for political purpose, the cadets returned immediately. because NCC cadets do not participate in any political program.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is sure that the Congress leaders has always resorted to lies, illegal and wrongdoings for attaining their selfish motives.

Source: Jansatta 



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