You’ll be jailed for 15 years on sporting this football jersey in Saudi Arabia

After Saudi Arabia decided to cut off all ties with Qatar, the internet was flooded with reactions. Some of them were hilarious, some of them were subtle & some of them were epic. I personally liked one reaction where one twitter user compared the Saudi-Qatar crisis to Mcdonald’s and Burger King. He said that it was like Mcdonald’s accusing Burger King of selling junk food.

Cutting off ties with a nation, completely, is never easy. Just imagine you’re in a different nation and you carry something that has already been banned in that nation. So, if you’re a soccer fan and most importantly a Messi fan, you must be careful in Saudi Arabia. Messi has not been banned in the country, it’s just his ‘decorated’ jersey.

Lionel Messi plays for Spanish football giants FC Barcelona. If you’ve been an ardent Barcelona fan, you’ll know that Barcelona was sponsored by the Qatar foundation for four years. If anyone is seen sporting the Barcelona jersey in Saudi Arabia, they’re gonna be in serious trouble.

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You can be jailed for as many as 15 years or be fined 120000 pounds – if you’re seen ‘provoking’ Saudi sentiments. This is the result of the tension prevailing in the Gulf region where Saudi Arabia and a few other nations have boycotted Qatar. Well, these countries claim that Qatar has had links to extremists activities.

Strange! Life can hit you in the face, anytime. Isn’t this the hypocrisy of the World. You do- you’re a sinner. I do- I’m a winner. Nothing to worry if you have the current Barcelona jersey, you can go anywhere. The Catalan giants switched their sponsors in 2016. Japanese online retailer Rakuten have replaced Qatar foundation.

Source: Indiatimes

Alok Shetty