Your blood will boil after knowing what Rahul Gandhi did to Goa CM Parrikar! Here’s why Parrikar said “I’m fighting against a life-threatening illness but you……….”

After reading this story, you will come to know that Rahul Gandhi, who is Italian by mentality is ready to go to any extent to become the Prime Minister of India. To fulfill his greed, Rahul Gandhi has stepped on a cancer patient and has used him as a ladder. Till date we knew Rahul Gandhi as a habitual lair, who had no control on his lies, but today we will come to know another face of Rahul Gandhi.

And this is exposed by none other than the brave Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar.

On 30th January, Rahul Gandhi met Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar at his office in Panaji. And as expected, Rahul Gandhi used this visit to make political gains.

Within hours after the visit, Rahul Gandhi sang his age old Rafale song and said “Friends, the ex-defence minister Mr Parrikar clearly stated that he has nothing to do with the new deal that was orchestrated by Mr Narendra Modi to benefit Anil Ambani”.

A day before visiting Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, Rahul Gandhi lied that “explosive Rafale secrets gave the Goa Chief Minister power over the PM”. And again the shameless liar named Rahul Gandhi made a statement which was absolutely a lie and it was ripped apart by Mr Parrikar himself.

Manohar Parrikar in a letter written to Rahul Gandhi today stated that Rahul Gandhi visited him just for 5 minutes and spoke nothing on Rafale, yet he lied. Mr Parrikar also said that he is suffering from a life-threatening illness and yet he hasn’t stopped serving the people. Mr Parrikar also criticized Rahul Gandhi for twisting a courtesy visit for a political gains.

Mr Parrikar stated in his letter “It is reported in media today that you have said quoting me that I was nowhere in the process of procuring Rafale nor did I have any information then about it. I feel let down that you have used this visit for your political gains. In the 05 minutes you spent with me, neither did you mention anything about Rafale, nor did we discuss anything about/related to it. Nothing whatsoever about Rafale was even mentioned in your meeting with me”.

Mr Parrikar added “Here am I fighting against a life-threatening illness. Due to my training and ideological strength, I wish to serve Goa and its people against any/all odds. I thought your visit would give me your good wishes in that cause of serving our people. Little did I know that you had other intentions”.

Hansika Raj