Your respect for BJP will increase after knowing what it said when the J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti demanded for a unilateral ceasefire during the month of Ramzaan

BJP Government has always made this one thing very clear to the opposition and even to its allies also that any such move which will be compromising the interests of the nation will not be entertained ever.

Maintaining its stand, BJP has refused the proposal of its ally Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and other mainstream parties of declaring a unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir by the security forces during the ensuing holy Muslim month of Ramzaan and the Amarnath Yatra. Ramzaan begins next week and the Amarnath pilgrimage is scheduled between June 28 and August 26.

The BJP said that any such move will hamper all the efforts that the party has long taken for restoration of peace in the Kashmir Valley. The party said such a ceasefire would go against the “national interest” and “could wash away the Army’s efforts” in the valley, which has been witnessing large-scale civilian and militants killings this year.

Jammu & Kashmir BJP spokesperson Sunil Sethi said “We are in complete disagreement and the Chief Minister cannot pressure us on this,”. The union government also expressed disconcern over the proposal of the PDP. A top officer of the ministry of home affairs said, “No such proposal was received,” when asked if the government is agreeable to the proposal.

Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti believes that if the government will agree to this move then common man can have a sigh of relief. It will restore the confidence of the people and a better atmosphere will be created in which Eid is celebrated in a good way and Yatra will also takes place well but how can she forget if this step will be entertained then there will be more threat to the common people.

CRPF DG RR Bhatnagar also expressed his opinion, he said till now no such proposal has come in front of us. If it will come then our mandate from the government is very clear, maintain law and order. If asked by the government we will share our view.

The hype is also being made that during  PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime in 2000, this step was taken when in actual reality is no unilateral ceasefire was announced at that time. Only the Non-initiation of combat operation or NICO by the army and security forces was enforced in the year December 1999 and extended till March 2000,” a source said. Indian army had announced the cessation of hostilities in 2000 and then Union Home Secretary Kamal Pandey had initiated talks. The killing of Hizbul Commander Masood had lead to failure of that initiative.

Ministry Of Home Affairs has also said there are many other ways limiting operations in a disturbed state. COO or cessation of operation; SOO or suspension of operations as in North Eastern states and NICO-Non initiation of combat operations. This type of decisions are always taken in accordance with the army and paramilitary forces, the intelligence agencies and the political constituency in both Jammu and Kashmir

Why Mehbooba Mufti wants to risk the lives of soldiers and common man?

Global Terrorism Database shows that from 2006-2015, Jihadi attacks during rose by 6% and killings by 17%. The holy month was bloodiest in 2016 & 2017 so why Mehbooba Mufti wants to risk the lives of so many people.

Do terrorism has any religion? No, terrorism has got nothing to do with Islam/any religion. Such moves that CM is proposing to consider will do no good.

If a second attack happens on Amarnath it will be politically suicidal. Who will guarantee that stone pelters will not be used as a front to target the forces?

Army Chief Bipin Rawat had said that any ceasefire can happen only if a guarantee can be given that security forces will not be attacked. Home ministry officials also agreed with that assessment.

Security forces have expressed their apprehension that ceasefire could be used as a veil to help terrorists regroup. Defence expert Brigadier (R) V Mahalingam said, “Right now forces have the upper hand in Valley. The leadership of Hizbul is over. Any cessation of operation at this stage will take the momentum away from security forces and only help terrorists regroup.”

CM Mehbooba Mufti should understand that the terrorist will never stop killing the people. They don’t have any specific timing, They will continue firing at our soldiers at that time also. So should our soldiers be silent and let them ruin the state and life of people?



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