You’re An Incorrigible Liar, Mr Rahul Gandhi! Video footage nails the lies of Rahul Gandhi, proves he confessed that Congress party was responsible for one of India’s biggest riots

As times goes, a politician gets matured. But here we have a politician who has mastered the art of taking u-turns time and again, instead of getting matured. It is a known fact that Rahul Gandhi delivers unique and peculiar blunders when he is on foreign tour.

Even this time he produced blunders that not only brought shame to his followers but even to his nation (India). After justifying terrorist organisation ISIS, after insulting the Indian culture, after comparing RSS with terrorism, Rahul Gandhi has given out a shameless statement on India’s biggest lynching incident i.e. the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

In an interaction with UK-based Parliamentarians in London on 24th August, Rahul Gandhi had said the anti-Sikh riots were a “tragedy” and “a painful experience”. But what he said next was really shocking. The whole world knows that around 10,000 were killed in the riot that took place after the death of Indira Gandhi.

When Rahul Gandhi was questioned “When we speak about 1984, we speak about the criminal involvement of the Congress party in over 3000 murders in Delhi alone over which there’s been no move to deliver justice since then”, his reply was bizarre.

Rahul Gandhi said “Anything done that was wrong during that period should be punished and I would support that 100 per cent. It was a tragedy, it was a painful experience. You say that the Congress party was involved in that, I don’t agree with that. Certainly, there was violence, certainly, there was a tragedy”.

But a video is doing rounds on the internet which shows Rahul Gandhi confessing that his own Congress party was involved in the anti-Sikh riots that killed thousands of innocents. The incident took place in 2014 where Rahul Gandhi gave an interview to the Arnab Goswami. Here’s how the interview went,

Arnab Goswami: Would you apologise for the 1984 riots? Were Congressmen involved?

Rahul Gandhi: Some Congressmen probably were involved

Arnab Goswami: You admit some Congressmen probably were involved?

Rahul Gandhi: Some Congressmen have been punished for it?

BJP attacked Rahul Gandhi by releasing a video captioned “Now Rahul Gandhi wants us to believe that no one killed the Sikhs!”. It also added “You’re An Incorrigible Liar, Mr Gandhi”.

Rahul Gandhi’s father, former PM Rajiv Gandhi had also justified the 1984 violence by saying “When a big tree falls, the Earth shakes”.

Even the former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh had confessed that Congress was involved in the riots:

“I have no hesitation in apologising not only to the Sikh community but to the whole nation because what took place in 1984 is the negation of the concept of nationhood and of the Indian Constitution. On behalf of the Government and the entire people of the country, I bow my head in shame for what happened”.

This was Mr Singh’s statement in the year 2005.

Even the United States of America had claimed Congress party was involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots:

In 2015 the California State Senate had passed a resolution condemning the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as “genocide”. It said “Over 3,000 Sikhs were killed throughout India. Government and law enforcement officials organised, participated in and failed to intervene to prevent the killings of innocent Sikhs”.

At various events Rahul Gandhi had contradicted himself. But what he said this time is totally unexpectable. Its like Adolf Hitler claiming that he never killed the Jews.

Source: Economic Times

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Hansika Raj