Youth Congress Leader get indulged into pre–planned attack for Political Sympathy?

Yes! Five days after, Vikram Goud, son of former congress minister Mukhesh Goud get hospitalised with bullet injuries. On Wednesday, Hyderabad Police declared Vikramas Prime accused as he himself conspired, get attacked as he pre – planned the attack on himself to gain ‘Public Sympathy’.

He was allegedly shot by unidentified men at his residence in the upscale of Banjara Hills area in Hyderabad on Friday. The incident happened by around 3.30am at Gayatri Hills area when Gouda was waiting for his wife Shilpali and children inside the hall at his house to visit temple.

According the report, Vikram planned the whole series of incidents about six months ago. He arranged accommodated for executors and asked them to fire at him three rounds, but non-fatal. On the day of the attack,he removed the CCTV cameras installed in the perimeter of his house.  In addition, executors were got instructed to dispose off their clothes and the gun used in the nearby lake.

Hyderabad Police commissioner M Mahendar Reddy declared in Press Conference held on Wednesday that, “Eight person, including Vikram as accused, involved in the case” and “declared the arrest of five others.”

“Vikram is yet to be arrested since he is still hospitalised, undergoing treatment for the bullet injuries.” He said.

Commissioner reported that,” Vikram attacked himself in order to gain Public sympathy and settle huge debts with various financiers. Vikram was in making Tollywood movies and in business investments.

“On the day of incident, it was Nanda, Shaik Ahmed and Raees khan who were present near the filnagar, residence of Vikram located. As per the plan, they fired on Vikram and the trio fled. As Vikram instructed earlier, the weapon which was used to attack was thrown in a water body in Hakeempet.  Based on the confession by the accused, the weapon was recovered during the search made using a heavy magnet.” Mahendar stated.

Vikram was planning to contest in Assembly elections in 2019. According to the accused, vikram was involved in this operation and executed the conspiracy to gain Publicity since April. The youth congress leader was busy hiring executors, besides using them in procuring a country made weapon from Indore.

Based on Messages, Calls made by vikram to the accused, the police found them from various locations and the accused confessed, including Vikram.

The accuses are Nanda Kumar, Shaik Ahmed, Raees Khan, K Babujan, a Govind Reddy, while VenkatRamana and Ghouse, other two accused, are still at charge.

“Shoot me, don’t kill me.”, was his motto about the act. Is this the behaviour of ‘One leader’ in regards with ‘Publicity’?