Zomato, Uber and a load full of hypocrisy! Why so much intolerance towards Hindus?

What is the burning topic of discussion in last couple of days???

Is it Abolishment of triple talaq? NO

Is it unprovoked attack by pakisthan killing a 10 day old baby? NO

Is it gunning down of a ‘Gorakshak’ Gopal, by cow smugglers? NO Not all

Some random guy refusing to take food order by a Muslim delivery guy on Zomato is the burning topic of discussion, because the guy who refused the order is a Hindu guy.

Zomato tweeted- “Food doesn’t have a religion, food is a religion”.

Agreed. Yes food doesn’t know any religion, many a times we are not even aware of the person who cooks our food in restaurants. But when this topic has became a matter of national interest for our social media, hindu phobic warriors, there are few points which need to be considered.

In any religion, there are few rules and regulations regarding preparation and consumption of food.

  • Brahmins, Jains are strictly vegetarians
  • For Hindus, the food in contact with a Mleccha is forbidden.
  • Sikhs doesn’t eat ‘Kutha’ (halal) meat, as it causes unnecessary suffering to the animal. they only consume meat of animals sacrifices by ‘Jhatka’ or ‘Chatanga’. Animal is sacrificed with a swift blow of blade. Prayer is offered as it has sacrificed itself for purpose of food. Then eaten.
  • Muslim population doesn’t consume pork and they take strictly ‘halal’food.

When India has so many food practices which sometime may contradict with others practise, to show a selective outrage over a choice of single person and to oblige to others is absolute hypocrisy.

Let’s see few incidences, where Zomato forgot to preach “food has no religion”

When these food delivery apps are forcing to eat ‘Halal’ food for others and charging them complete bill amount in case of cancelation, has a change of heart when matter is of  a non hindu.

Dear Zomato, does food have a religion in this case?

In the tweet, which lead to this controversy, the client says he doesn’t care refunds, but matter got blew out of proportion why? Is it because he is a Hindu?

Another food deliver giant, came in support of Zomato. The Uber eats, let’s see few incidence of their hypocrisy,

Rashmi Nair, the organiser of infamous ‘kiss of love’ more importantly, who was charged for child traffickin in 2015, refused to board an Uber because, the vehicle had a Hanuman sticker. When she wrote this demeaning tweet/post, where was Uber? Why no preaching as ‘car does not have a religion’?

When a cab driver refused a ride,just because somebody supports Modi, why no action was taken? When these companies fail in very objective of their service, on grounds they render criticism on others.

Now a days, abusing, targeting, criticizing Hindus has become a fashion. And it has become a survival strategy to many of the liberals. They conspire, they spread fake news, they blow things out of proportion. But they observe total silence when the matter is of a non hindu. In the above case, ISCKON, was providing the mid day meals to the schools, parents of children studying in these madrasas refused to take food. They claimed ISCKON offers the food to God before serving it to children and it is haram for them to consume it. When ISCKON’s tender was over, a catering company Jai mata has acquired the contract of serving mid day meals to 300 odd schools. Again the protest from parents was seen, and they also threatened to make their children leave madrasa if the same company continues meal delivery.

Now why don’t any liberals have a talk with these parents and convince them, that food has no religion

These liberals who created dirty debates over absence of onion and garlic in food offered by ISCKON, doesn’t utter a word now.

As it is said, any publicity is a good publicity, and Hindus being softer targets as they do not take extreme violent action against the company, it is also a possibility that this whole episode may be a gimmick to gain publicity.

Whatever it is, to be respectful towards food is what every religion teaches. But to condemn and target a religion based on a view of a person is not acceptable. The earlier these corporates understand this, the better.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth